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Our Etude-Project and Design department; It provides services in the fields of Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Installation Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Consulting, Planning and Feasibility, Consulting and Manufacturing-Site Control.


In this case, our activity sectors and fields of activity in general; Energy, Cement, Iron and Steel, Food, Petrochemical Plants, Infrastructure Projects and various Industrial Buildings and Storage Tank Stock Areas. In addition, it carries out the first and only turnkey design of tank farms with pressurized and atmospheric, underground and aboveground storage tanks in accordance with EN, ASME, DIN, BSI, API, AWWA and PED standards and regulations.


Our company owes these capabilities to its professional and experienced staff, corporate partners with whom it cooperates, and being the first and only Etude-Project and Design office of our region, which is accepted at the international level with its licensed design and design softwares.


The primary objectives of our company are to provide unique, more easily applicable, more economical, more up-to-date and faster service that exceeds customer expectations and needs by using advanced technology. In order to achieve these goals successfully, our basic principles are; We can say that it is to raise our sector to higher levels by encouraging the personnel with innovative and creative approaches, improving the competence, knowledge and skills of the personnel through trainings, providing the necessary technological infrastructure, spreading the institutionalism to all levels within a Quality Management System in accordance with international standards, laws and regulations, and paving the way for efficiency.


In addition, we aim to be a solution partner for our customers in the public and private sectors in achieving their investment goals. From budget planning to project management, from design and engineering to manufacturing and quality control inspection processes, we consider creating value and saving time by providing integrated solutions for the most complex tasks in the investment commissioning process, among our principles and targets.